Weekend Highlights

I love weekends where you feel totally productive and spend NO money.  I failed to mention that I have a 3rd goal for 2013: To finally get rid of the monkey on my back, a.k.a., credit card debt.  Normally, Dustin and I head to the big city of Grand Junction and go window shopping.  Yet, it seems we always return with things that we just can live without.  Weird.

We’ve decided that instead of going out so much, we would make  more of an effort to finish up home projects and cook food at home (although, its been a while since we’ve been eating out regularly).  Few of the things that we asked for from everybody who had our names for Christmas was all the components to make sushi.  A rice cooker (a GOOD rice cooker and not those $20 crap kind), sushi rolling mats, and some fun sushi plates for the finished product.

I am a sushi addict.  Before you get all huffy puffy, I know I’m not suppose to eat raw fish while I’m pregnant so the sushi selection is a little boring for the time being (that, and we’re land locked so it may be a while until I attempt raw on my own).  For now we are making California rolls with crab salad, cooked spicy salmon, and last Friday we attempted to make our own shrimp tempura (which turned out awesome):


And here is some of the finished product (this is last weeks picture, but you get the point):


We even had enough left over that we rolled a few rolls for lunch on Saturday.  SO GOOD.

On Saturday, we felt ambitious and decided to do some painting in out kitchen.  I am a slow painter.  I don’t like getting burned out on a project because I try to get it all done in one weekend.  The hub’s and I decided to take our kitchen one wall at a time.  It helps us to be productive on a weekend, but not completely take up our whole weekend with one project.  We are a good team.  Dustin washes the walls and tapes everything and I paint.  It works.


Here is the before where every wall is practically stark white ^^^^^^^.


Here is the after with Eddie Bauer Woodsmoke from Lowe’s ^^^^^^.  Next week we may attempt the wall with the refrigerator :/

We had a pretty typical Sunday.  We went to church, I had a great Sunday School lesson with the 10/11-year-old kids, and then got to come home and relax.  It was fabulous.  For dinner I made a recipe I found on Pinterest: Orange chicken and Broccoli, and then I added some Quinoa.


It was delicious and light.  Click Here for the recipe.  And for those of you who are new to the world of Quinoa I used this tutorial the first time I made it.

Now I have a confession to make.  Ever since I found out that I don’t have Gestational Diabetes I’ve been on a bit of a carb overload (and not the good kind).  One thing that helps me to get motivation and get back on track is watching food documentaries.  One of my favorites is Forks Over Knives.  In case anybody wants to watch this excellent film it is on Netflix with Instaplay.  One of the reason’s I love this film is that it focus’ purely on the health aspect of a plant-based diet.  It gives facts and figures from years of research and it is not argumentative (like some documentaries which are totally biased).  The information doesn’t feel in your face and the Dr’s seem genuinely concerned with their patients health.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch it I highly suggest it!

Now I feel rejuvenated to get back on track with healthy eating, and some other things that I will be blogging about this week!  I hope you all had as wonderful weekend as I did!

What is one of your weekend highlights? 

PS.  I got my Twitter account back up and running so if  you were a follower before jump to my sidebar and follow me again (my handle is shrinkingcarrie). Thanks!

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