WIAW: The Star of the Show

First day back to plant-based eating and I can already tell a difference!  Although my stomach is not 100% yet, I can feel that by the end of this week it should be back on track.

Let’s get right into What I Ate Wednesday!  A big shout out to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting this blogging event every week!  It is so much fun being able to look through everyone’s eats and gather ideas for your own meals.

It looks like for the month of June there is a focus of sensible snacking.  I only eat 1 snack a day (anymore and I just can’t stop eating).  I will be sure to document all of those fun snacks and have a variety of foods to show case for next week.  One thing about WIAW is that I hate posting the same thing week after week, and it forces me to put some much-needed variety in my diet.

Nothing new for the first 3 meals of the day:

  • Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean with Soy Milk and Fresh Strawberries
  • Lunch: Hummus wrap with Banzo’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, sliced Roma tomato, 1/4 of an avocado, and salt and pepper wrapped in a La Tortilla Factory Low Carb, High Fiber tortilla.  On the side was 1/2 cup red grapes, and a serving of baby carrots.  I could eat this lunch EVERYDAY.  I know everyone goes on and on about Sabra Hummus, but Banzo’s is where it’s at.  Too bad they are a Colorado company and I don’t think they are anywhere outside of us.  If they are check them out, they are the BEST!
  • Snack: I tried to get the biggest bang for my buck protein wise, but still wanted low-calorie so I combined unsweetened almond milk, Olympian Labs Pea Protein (vanilla), 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, and a hearty helping of kale.  It came out under 300 calories and satisfied me until 6:00 when I had dinner.

The Star of the Show

I will say that Dinner was the Cat’s Pajama’s yesterday and trumped all of my other eats for the day.  If you have read my blog for even the shortest amount of time you will see that since the beginning of this year I have adapted a mostly plant-based diet (I’ve been waffling lately, but I cannot deny that I just feel better when I eat this way).  Since then I have used Oh She Glows recipes almost daily, and I have yet to try one that has steered me in the wrong direction.  Her recipe’s are usually quick and easy, and taste delicious so it was no surprise that the recipe I tried last night was out of this world.

Easy Avocado Lime Black Bean Salad

I had to switch out a couple of things (like purple onion instead of shallots), but this dinner was filling, and delicious.  The lime, cilantro, and cumin packed a flavorful punch, and I enjoyed every bite!  I have some in the fridge for leftovers, and lunch may come early today.

I like avocado on everything, can you believe that before I met my husband I hated it?!  Do you love avocado?

Have you ever tried an Oh She Glows recipe? I’m obsessed.  She is the first site I go to when meal planning for the week.

Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “WIAW: The Star of the Show

  1. Aimee

    I love avocado and Oh She Glows. I have made a number of Angela’s recipes and my husband and I have enjoyed them all. She has a talent for making vegan food easy and delicious. I have made that black bean salad as well. It was excellent. We are having black bean burgers for dinner tonight compliments of Skinnytaste another favorite recipe site.

  2. Marion

    Oh, I’m so glad you feel better with veggies than meat. I eat vegetarian on most days. I should work on making a few more basic every week type of recipes.
    :-) Marion


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