Friday Link Love

Just to go along with yesterday’s post, it looks like it isn’t just me who struggles with weekend indulgence.  Check out this little factoid I stole from Hungry Runner Girl:

I see the same decline starting Friday around lunch time (especially when I was working an office job), and the weekend gets progressively worse.

I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty full google reader with a lot of blogs and blog friends that I like to catch up with periodically through the day.  There are a few blogs that I skim (usually if they post more than once a day) and blogs that I read all the way through (usually people who I actually interact with through my blog on at least a weekly basis).  This week I made a conscious effort to star or “pin” some of my favorite articles that I thought all you guys would like to read as well.  You’re welcome.

Meatless Weekdays – Summer Challenge with Skinny Jeans Dreams

I have mentioned Krystle’s blog before and if you haven’t checked it out yet you really should.  She has offered out a summer challenge featuring meatless weekday’s.  Since I am making the slow, but steady transition into no animal products I decided to jump on board with this challenge!  I’m starting it right after I am done with my kick-start (4/23) and completing it through the summer until Aug. 26th.  This is such a great challenge and she gives a lot of great reasoning behind why going meatless on the weekdays will boost your health.  Check it out!

Eat Less, Move More

This post really hit me because the concept of “Eat Less, Move More” is preached all over the place and for some of us it is not that easy.  Saying I am a food addict is almost an understatement, and it is frustrating to hear people say that it is easy to lose weight if you would just do ________.  This post felt like I was talking to myself in a mirror (although I have never weighed over 400 pounds).  The author of this article blogs over at The Anti-Jared and is an inspiration (but very humble).

What I’ve Learnt From Blogging (She is from the UK, so yes, it is LEARNT)

If you have ever thought of starting a blog, you need to read this article.  The etiquette portion is SPOT-ON.  I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to lend my support to other bloggers when they are in time of need and have never gotten a response or acknowledged.  And I’m not talking once.  Multiple times with the same blogger.  I have found that blogger world can be kind of like High school, and I just thank my lucky stars that I am now an adult who has the sense to delete a blogger from my reader if they are constantly negative and don’t acknowledge their readers.  I invite you to do the same.

I try to interact with my readers, and I am not here to just hear myself talk about my thoughts.  I could get that from a private journal.  I am here to find support and give support in return and I hope that you guys feel that in my posts.  I even wrote a post about it once.

Interview With Nutritarian: Helen

It is NEVER too late to change your eating habits.  Just ask 87-year-old Helen.  A great article of how she overcame a stroke and started eating plant-based.  A very motivational story!

10 Simple Steps to Happiness

This was the first article that inspired Friday Link Love because I just had to share the wonderful article with you all!  It is all about happiness and living compassionately.  I won’t ruin the rest for you.  You’ll need to check out the entire post.  It was very motivational.

Enjoy these great links!  I hope they start your weekend off on a positive note!  Here’s to keeping our food on track for the weekend!

5 thoughts on “Friday Link Love

  1. Aimee

    Interesting article on blogger etiquette. I’ve often thought the same thing about the blogger world being a bit like high school. I have to agree about the comments. I almost feel this sense of rejection when I regularly comment or offer support via the comments and I get no response.

    I wonder about blogger giveaway etiquette. This wasn’t mentioned in the article. I’ve won 2 giveaways and despite sending my contact information I never received the prize. I felt awkward emailing the bloggers and mentioning it.

    I love the Anti-Jared. So inspiring. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Marion

    Hi Carrie! I totally believe that people eat too much on weekends. However, I think it is probably 3.4 extra croissants, not just 1.4 more. I have my weigh-ins on Tuesdays, so that helps me be motivated during the weekend.
    :-) Marion

  3. C

    Weekends do me in. I am seriously working on that and trying to make good choices when I eat out. My weekend is usually dinner friday to bed on saturday-Sundays I treat more like a week day eating wise so at least mine isn’t a 3 day weekend everyweekend as the graph would imply:)


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