Recharged and Back to Basics

After an entire week of overindulging I have to say enough is enough.  I feel that my healthy battery has been re-charged and I have seen my evil ways.  It’s time to get back to basics.

  • Get on the scale. I have a fear of the scale when I have been naughty.  Does anybody else do this?   I need to face the music and seeing the number on the scale will start this week out where it needs to start. Besides, most of the weight will be water weight anyway and I should be able to get rid of most of it by the end of the week.
  • Re-start NROLFW.  I need to have some sort of plan when I go to the gym and I don’t want to lose all of the muscle I gained when I did New Rules of Lifting for Women first time around.  I am not going to wait for my move to start the program again, and I can let this program help me with the struggle I have been having with the gym lately.  I am going to add a few more moves that aren’t in the book to keep it interesting.  I am also going to get to the gym earlier.  The longer I wait to go to the gym in the morning, the easier it is to talk myself out of going.
  • Track, Measure, Weigh, Repeat.  I will be doing daily stat’s post for this next week since it seems to help me stay accountable for what I am eating.  I will weigh and measure my food as exact as I can for this is the only way that I have seen positive results on the scale.
  • Drink lots of water.  Flush out all the chocolate.  Also, I haven’t been sweating as much at the gym and I think it’s because my water consumption has been lower and my salt intake has been higher.
  • Meal Plan, and then stick to the meal plan. I have been meal planning since the beginning of the year.  It has helped with my eating and my budget, but lately it seems that I have made a plan and then not stuck to it.  Some of the dinners that I had planned on making just didn’t sound good when it came time to make them.  The fact is, when you eat fat, sugar, and salt, you crave fat, sugar, and salt.  It may be a rough couple of days getting back on track, but sticking to my meal plan is a sure-fire way to get there.
  • Positivity.  So I lost a week, that’s ok.  The important part is that I start again.  I forgive myself for the foods that I have eaten, and I tell myself that I am a strong woman who can do hard things.  I know I can get back on track, I just need to re-focus my energy in the right area’s.

I am only going to get more stressed out in the upcoming weeks with the move coming on and I can’t let it completely de-rail me.  It is just another excuse hurdle that I need to jump over.  Life will always get in the way of weight loss and conditions will never be perfect, so I have to keep pushing everyday.

This Week’s Meal Plan: 

  • Monday: Tomato Basil “Cream” Pasta 

Click picture to link to Oh She Glows (this is also Angela's Picture)

  • Tuesday: Meatless Fajita’s.  This is a fast and easy recipe where I just removed the meat entirely from the meal.  I sauté green peppers and a red onion with fajita seasoning and then put over black beans and brown rice.  Top with mashed avocado and it is a yummy plant-based dinner.
  • Wednesday: Butternut Squash Soup: 

Click picture to link with All (picture is also from

  •  Thursday: Breakfast for dinner.  Does anybody else LOVE breakfast for dinner?

Click picture to link to Oh She Glows for recipe (picture credit is also Angela's)

  •  Friday: Vegan Combo Pizza. I will be trying out non-dairy cheese and non-animal pepperoni for the first time.  Dustin is thrilled (insert sarcasm font).
  • Saturday: Planned date night where we get to go out to eat.
  • Sunday: Meat meal for the week, Healthy Hamburger Helper.  Dustin and I have been huge fans of Hamburger Helper since we have been married so when Janetha over at Meals and Movesfigured out a way to make it healthy I had to try it out (plus, Dustin deserves some meat at least once a week for being so obliging to my weird eating habits I’ve picked up).

    Click picture to link to recipe (Photo credit goes to Janetha over at Meals and Moves)

    So there is my plan for a successful week!  How do you set yourself up for success?

5 thoughts on “Recharged and Back to Basics

  1. Sarah

    I fear the scale anyways LOL cuz you never know what it’s going to say even if you have been really good or really bad!

    Your menu looks so nummy for the week!

  2. Aimee

    Today is prep day for me. I roasted a butternut squash, made up a batch of quinoa, chickpeas are soaking and I have a vegan zucchini bread in the oven. I have been maintaining for far too long. I have been saying that I need to get back into weight loss mode and the time is right now. I can’t keep talking about it. It’s time to do it. So I think the best way to get back on track for me is to be prepared and just do it!

    Your dinner menu is fantastic! Oh I love breakfast for any meal of the day. Good luck this week. Have a great Monday!!


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