Fun Facts Friday & Recipe Roundup

I know a FFF isn’t super individual and a lot of other blogs have the same Friday topics, but I can’t help but have a post full of random subjects.  So here are a few things that have been going on today:

1.  I did not go to the gym today.  Instead I cleaned my house from top to bottom, and now I don’t feel like jumping out of my own skin.  The only frustrating part is that Hanna and Kitty don’t understand the concept of not walking on the freshly mopped tile.  I now have little kitty feet and baby foot prints all over my tile.  At least its clean (that’s what I have to keep telling myself anyway).

2. I got a Kitchenaid Food Processor for $55.00 at Target yesterday.  It was on clearance because they aren’t carrying that model anymore, and it was missing a piece (which I will find on the internet), and was missing the instruction manual (which I will also find on the internet).  I love a good deal, but now I am banned from buying anything for a long time.

3. Hanna and I have been in our PJ’s all day long.  Ya, what?

4.  I’ve had so much energy today!  Normally I would take some Excedrine for a little caffeine boost, or drink an Energy Drink to get my house cleaned, but today I have been so full of energy purely because I have been eating well and taking care of myself.  Now I am seriously considering a vegan diet 100% of the time.  Change is always scary for me, but I think I am ready to take the plunge (we’ll see I still have 9 more days to go).

5.  I hear books being pulled off the shelves in the other room, and I’m afraid to go in there.  I probably need to tell myself to relax, but it gets frustrating after cleaning for 5 hours.  I would like it to stay nice for at least a day!  Is that asking too much!?!?!

6.  Last but most certainly not least, my hub’s has had 2 people ask him if he has lost weight this week!  Go Hub’s!!!  He is eating vegan while he’s with me, but still mostly healthy for other meals.  I’m working on trying not to be competitive, and be more supportive.  Men and Women lose weight so different that you can’t compare I guess.

Recipe Roundup

Here are a few of the recipes that I’ve been trying these last few days (and some of the recipes you’ve been asking for):

I am loving Clean Eating Chelsea, and Oh She Glows.  They have some yummy recipes.

Any great websites you use frequently for recipe’s?

What is your go-to meal?

8 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday & Recipe Roundup

  1. Dacia

    Oh She Glows has never disappointed! Every recipe I have made (including the 15 min avocado pasta) has been freaking awesome! I have not made the butternut squash Mac and cheeze but I have made the pumpkin Mac and cheeze and loved it. I added some sage and some cayenne to tone down the sweetness. Loved it! So happy you are loving the vegan diet! It’s awesome, isn’t it?

    1. Shrinking Carrie Post author

      I just can’t deny how I feel eating Vegan! It’s like I’m a different person! I may have to just take the leap and keep this lifestyle full-time. the key is keeping it interesting for the hub’s. If he likes the food i’m cooking its makes it easier, and so far he’s like almost everything!

  2. Amanda C

    I cannot wait to try the avocado pasta!! Thank you for the websites, I am always looking for healthy websites and new recipes. I am so glad you are liking the vegan lifestyle. I was vegan for a year and it was great. But I listened to my body and had to incorporate small amounts of meat back in. I still eat little to no dairy. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!

    1. Shrinking Carrie Post author

      Its all about listening to your body! I think the no dairy is the most important part about the vegan lifestyle. I am finding that it was what was weighing me down and giving me bloated feelings, and all this time I thought it was carbs (pasta, bread,etc.). I’m so glad that I have tried this and it has taught me so many new things about the way my body works!

      1. Carolyn Johnson

        I’m right there with you–just need some hints about eating out (aka: too many meetings with too many treats and lunches) Anybody have some good ideas? I feel great when I’m eating right, then an all day meeting comes where I have no control over the food. Should I just embarrass myself and bring a lunch? ;o)
        Anyway, good for you Carrie (and Dustin) My goal is 10 pounds by May–do you think I can do it Carrie? Thanks for all the great recipes, LOVE it!!

    1. Aimee

      Carolyn I just read read your comment about keeping it healthy when you have work meetings. I would definitely bring my own lunch. It might get you a few comments in the beginning but you might also find that others start bringing their own food too. Ten pounds by May is a very manageable goal. You can definitely do it! Good luck.

  3. Aimee

    I’m so excited for you Carrie. I am inspired by your success. I have been inching closer and closer to a vegan diet, but I think I might take the plunge and try it full on for 21 days like you have done. I’m eyeing February 1st to give me a couple of weeks to prepare.

    Have you tried any recipes from Daily Garnish? I find Emily’s dishes very user friendly and flavorful.


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