Starting Over, and Over, and Over…..

Weight loss seems to be a never-ending battle.  Even when you’ve lost the weight they say that maintenance is harder than the initial losing.

Guess what?

I’m starting over….. again.

I’ve done a lot of research these past couple of months and have come to some overwhelming conclusions.  My diet needs to be widdled down to very little foods for the healing of my Autoimmune Disease.

Let me back up a little.

Last month I had a miscarriage.  The hub’s and I are trying to eek out one last child before I turn 36 next year.  I am so overwhelmingly happy with my two little girls, but I can’t help but think there is one more out there for me to love and care for.

I’m no spring chicken and so we decided to not wait very long after Lucy and got pregnant on the first try (the same as with Lucy).

The pregnancy felt weird from the beginning and when I woke up two weeks ago I was bleeding pretty heavily (sorry for the TMI).  I was told to go to the ER.  I was there for 5 1/2 hours and it was awful.  My hub’s was in Denver and so I was trying to communicate to him what was going on by phone and when I wasn’t talking to him I felt so alone.

These last couple of weeks have left me with a lot of deep thought.  The truth is that I have not felt like myself since I had Lucy over a year ago.  I go through peaks and valleys with emotion and it is just recently that I have started to put the pieces together.

My thyroid disease is affecting me.  Big time.  I need to just go all in and take care of it.

One thing that I did find is this informative book:

I’ve read A LOT of health books.  This book has been the most comprehensive book I have read to date.  I also believe that there is no one way to eat for everyone.  I have tried just about every diet out there and it makes sense now why none of them worked.

I have a disease and it takes a special way to eat to put  my disease into remission.

If you have heard, or read this book you know that it is quite restrictive.  But it is also not a forever way to eat either.  To ensure that I have success with it I am doing baby steps.

Step 1:  Remove gluten from my diet. GLUTEN IS EVERYWHERE.  I may as well say stop eating process foods (which is good anyway and SHOULD be done).

Step 2: Remove Soy Products from my diet.  This goes with gluten, it is everywhere!  Soy Lecithin is a major ingredient in pretty much everything!  Try to find a cooking spray that doesn’t have soy in it.  I dare you.

Step 3: Remove all dairy.  I actually don’t eat that much dairy (a habit I picked up from my tries at going Vegan).  It gives me horrible heart burn, and I feel awful after I eat it.

Step 4: Remove all processed foods.  I don’t have too much of a problem with processed foods, but I do have a problem with going out to eat a couple of times a week which would have to stop.

Step 5:  Keep life in perspective and don’t be too hard on myself if I slip up.  Breaking 35 years of bad eating habits is hard, but starting somewhere will help the process.

For right now I am working on the Gluten.   That’s actually a really big thing.  One of the number one things I read about with Autoimmune disease is that Gluten should be cut out for life.  It is a huge contributor to many autoimmune symptoms.

I have been trying to keep track of how I feel after eating certain foods and I have noticed that I feel lethargic and even sometimes nauseated about an hour after I ingest gluten (and even grains in general).

So that’s where I am right now.  It feels good to start somewhere.  I feel like my life has been not my own for the past few months and I want it back.

Thanks for reading!


PS.  I also rejoined the gym and can start going next week, yay!













Weekly Update 3.21.14

I really wish I had more time to write during the week, but life gets in the way (and I’m ok with that:).

This week I had a cold that hit me pretty suddenly and has had a pretty intense cough (like coughing until I’m dry heaving, yuck).  I did a lot of resting and drank two Kombucha’s a day to get my immune system to push the cold bugs out.

I still have some lingering mucus, but the cough is almost gone and I should be 100% by the end of the weekend.

This did have a bit of an effect on my weight, but I’m happy to say I still had a great loss!

I was actually lower in the beginning week, but I made a stuffed chicken on Wednesday that had bacon in it and the sodium has helped me to retain a lot of water and mother nature visited me this week so it looks like I have a couple of things working against me.  Although, the chicken and bacon was worth it:)

1379553_10201597603203178_260057413_nThis is a “stuffed” chicken, although I can’t butterfly chicken worth beans so I just put the stuffing on top.  I may have eaten a few pieces of bacon on the side as well.  Anyone else feel like bacon has a crack-like addiction to it?  Note to self:  Don’t buy bacon again.

I also got 2 dozen fresh eggs straight from the chicken this week.  The egg yolks are almost orange!  Love me some country living!

I may have eaten a little too much of the fresh ground almond butter that Sprouts sells.  It tastes amazing if you spread it on bananas or apples.

But all-in-all in a was a good week!

Starting Weight (3.1.14): 287.7
Last week’s weight: 275.4
This week’s weight: 273.7
Total weeks loss: -1.7
Total overall loss: -14

I need to tighten it up a little this next week (as in, only one serving of almond butter a day).

Non-scale victory: I went to a birthday party last weekend and I stuck to my new way of eating.  I passed up lots of sweets and birthday cake!  It wasn’t even a challenge.  I just kept telling myself that I would feel like crap if I ate it, and that seemed to work!

Upcoming fun: I bought a yogurt maker on Amazon and I am excited to play around with it!  But I probably won’t until the end of the month.  I’m interested in trying to make yogurt with different kinds of milks (like almond, coconut), since dairy doesn’t agree with me.  And my kids are yogurt fiends and so it will be nice to save a little money by making it myself.

Have a great weekend!


A Quick Weigh In!

One of my goals this week is to stay off the computer while the kids are awake, so I’m breaking it by doing this quick weigh in post.

I had a stellar week!  The only thing that didn’t happen is exercise, but that will come with time.

Here is how this week shook out:

Starting Weight (March 1st): 287.7
Last week’s weight: 281.3
This week’s weight: 275.4
Total weeks loss: -5.9
Total overall loss: -12.3

What I am loving:  NO FOOD TRACKING.  I HATE food tracking (it’s one of the main reasons I always fail), but this way of eating seems to be agreeing with my body.  LISTENING TO MY BODY’S HUNGER CUES.  Now that I have gotten past the craving stage that comes with eating carbs I can tell when I am really hungry, and it has helped with mindless snacking!

The two-week mark is usually where I start to fall off the wagon, and get lazy with my diet.  This next week will be a true test for me, but I seem to be up to the challenge!

I will also do a post next week with some recipe links for those that have asked.   We’ve been eating some really yummy dinners lately.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Getting Back To It

One of the things I haven’t done in a LONG time is a weigh in.  I’ve been putting it off because I haven’t want to look at the number or let everyone else see the number, but I know that in order for me to succeed that has to change.

But first things first.

How has this first week of eliminating dairy, grains, gluten, and sugar gone?

Very well.

I’m not going to say that it hasn’t been hard, but I have definitely had a change in mind-set.

Since finding out about my diagnoses with Hashimoto’s Thyroid I have been looking at losing weight differently.  I can’t lose weight a conventional way.  It won’t work.  I have to say goodbye to certain foods (and food groups) in order to get my thyroid working properly again.  I have only been eating like this for 7 days and I feel an amazing difference!  I know it can only get better by taking it long-term.

What have I been doing/feeling these past 7 days?

1. Juicing.  I have a juice every morning with my breakfast.  Right now I stick to the same juice.  It has: cucumber, green apple, lemon, spinach, and carrots.  It makes about 25 ounces and I split it between me and the hubs (did I mention that hubs is doing this with me for the first 30 days?  He’s pretty awesome, and he’s doing great).

2.  Less Hunger.  I feel more satisfied at each meal and find that I eat less and can go longer in between meals.  It’s amazing that an egg and an apple with a little almond butter can keep me satisfied for almost 4 hours.  This is an amazing feeling!

3.  Better sleep.  When I am tired I am actually tired and I go to bed.  There is no afternoon lull, and I have felt more energy throughout the day.

4.  No Headaches!!!!!  I can’t remember the last time I went 7 days with no headaches.

Before I started my 30 days of this special diet I looked up plenty of recipe’s (I knew if hubs had to eat chicken and salad every night he would go insane) and a couple of them were amazing!

Beef and Broccoli Cashew Stir Fry from PaleOMG

IMG_0674Really awful picture, but it was amazing.

Side Note:  This year we decided to try buying a quarter cow (I say trying because we don’t eat a lot of red meat).  We bought it from a private farmer that raises grass-fed cows and I have to say that I have been impressed.  I don’t think I will ever go back to buying beef from the store.  It melts in your mouth.

Another recipe was Asian Meatballs from Nom Nom Paleo

1656059_10201519343966746_862067146_nThis pic is before they went into the oven.

The sweet potato made these meatballs have a sweet taste to them, and they were a huge hit with the hubs.

There were a few other meal that were delish, but I will write a separate post for those.

So how did this weeks eating impact my weight?

First off I just want to say that I have erased all of my weigh ins from the “weigh in” page.  I’m starting over because looking at some of my lower weighs from a couple of years ago were getting depressing and in my opinion I am on a new weight loss adventure since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.  So here is the new beginning!

Starting Weight (March 1st): 287.7
This week’s weight: 281.3
Total weeks loss: -6.4
Total overall loss: -6.4

I can tell a difference in water retention for sure (water retention and all over puffiness is a huge symptom of Hashimoto’s, this explains why I feel like my face is HUGE right now).

I can’t wait to see what week 2 brings!

Thanks for reading!

I Make My Own Rules

When it comes to dieting and me I will say that we have walked around the block an enormous amount of times together.  I know a thing or two (whether I have applied them to my life is a different story, sigh).

The past couple of days I have been doing the Whole30.  It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be.  Giving up sugar, dairy, and grains haven’t had the effect I thought it would.  I’ve had a slight headache (which went away with some Ibuprofen), and I’ve been pretty hungry (even though I’ve been eating a lot).  And I know that two days isn’t enough to tell, but I can say this:

Some of this diet is unnecessary.

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time you probably got the idea that I like plant-based eating.  When my body is not going crazy with health issues that help my carb and sugar cravings go CRAZY, I like to eat a lot of plant-based foods.

One of the things I researched when I found out I had Hashimoto’s Thyroid was that it was slowed down by eating grains and sugar.  So I decided to try the Whole30 to help this along, but I have found there are things in this diet that I just plain don’t want to eat.

What I’ve done is compiled a list of rules that I will live by for the next 28 days (since I’ve already done 2 days of the Whole30).  Most comply with Whole30 and some are exceptions that I have found work for my body in the past.

1. Eat as much produce as I want whether it be fruit or vegetable.  Whole30 has you do mainly veggies and a little fruit.  I personally feel like you can’t eat too many of these.

IMG_06672. No Gluten, No Grains.  If I do have Leaky Gut then grains are only exacerbating it.  I will also see if this will help clear up my skin.  Gluten also effects the thyroid in a person who is having a problem with it.

3. No Dairy.  I think dairy is horrible.  I feel awful almost instantly after I eat it.  It’s not worth the small amount of calcium that is in it for me to eat it.  It makes me feel sluggish and stuffy.

4. No processed food or sugar additives.  The only exception I have to this rule is honey or agave nectar, and even then I only put a little in salad dressing.

5. Juicing.  I love to have a morning juice with my breakfast, and I find that I have more energy throughout my day, and it’s good for the body and digestive track.


6. Only homemade condiments/salad dressings.  They’re better anyway.

7. As little oil as possible. I know that the Whole30 basically tells you what oils are good for you and says that its ok for you to use them (and generously).  I’m not an oil advocate so I am nixing it as much as possible from my diet.  Not even in salad dressing.

8. No Soy.  I have been using soy milk for the past couple of years and I have now researched that it could be damaging to my thyroid.  But it is in EVERYTHING.  Even the Pam I use to coat my skillet so I can cook vegetables.  In this case I will need to use a little oil and water.  As long as I stay away from processed food I should be good.

9. Weigh my meat portions.  Again, the Whole30 tells you not to weigh, measure, or count calories.  I am not going to count my calories, but am going to weigh out my portions of meat.  I could eat an entire chicken in one sitting if I let myself, therefore I will weigh out my meat to 4 oz. per meal.

10. Weigh in once a week.  The Whole30 wants you to weigh in before and after you complete the program and not for the 30 days you are doing the program, but weighing helps me to stay on track and so I have chosen once a week to be a good amount of time for me.

So what I’m saying is that the Whole30 program is too strict for me in some areas and is too liberal in others.  But I have a feeling that with a few of these modifications it can work for me, maybe even long-term (but I’ll try it for 30 days and see what happens).

I guess I won’t be calling it Whole30 anymore:)

Ever tried the Whole30 program before?

What do you think of my modifications?

Hashimoto’s Revenge (and a mama tip).

One of my most hated parts of raising babies is the sleep transitioning (can I get a what, what).  You finally get some sort of schedule going and then BOOM…..

It changes.

They go from 3 naps a day…

then to 2…

and then finally 1 glorious nap a day.

Lucy is transitioning from 2 naps to 1.  Some days she NEEDS 2 naps and other days she likes to take one, 3 hour nap (those are fabulous, btw).  the only time this is an inconvenience is when she takes a long arse nap in the morning and then I am screwed the rest of the day.

(hang in here with me, this does have to do with weight loss)

This past week the weather has been AMAZING.  I could have this weather all year round for the rest of my life.  Chilly in the morning, jacket weather by noon, and full on t-shirt by the late afternoon.  I didn’t even have to put jackets on my kids when we were running errands yesterday.  So fab.

So I decided to combine these issues to create the ultimate nap transition.

I go for walks in the morning with the girls.  I dig the double stroller out of  the garage and go for a 3 mile round trip walk.  And the great thing is I get exercise, and my 11 month old gets to fall asleep in the stroller for about 45 minutes.  This is just enough time to give Lucy a cat nap so she will still take a regular 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  Win win.

Another plus, is that if I go in the afternoon (say, after 2pm) my 3-year-old falls asleep and actually takes a nap.  Again…… win win.

Oh.  I also get exercise.  Gosh what a simple solution for so many problems.

*Thyroid Update*

It has been confirmed that I tested positive for Hashimoto’s Thyroid, which means it is classified as an Auto-Immune disease.  My body thinks my thyroid gland is foreign, and constantly attacks it.  I started a new medication today and I have high hopes for it.  It also explains why I walk around in a fog all day, and am constantly tired.  They now want to do an Auto-Immune test as well to check for other things.

I will write a separate post out for this, but the hub’s and I are going to be doing the Whole 30 diet for 30 days starting on March 1st.  Eating sugar and grains is killing my thyroid and I’m trying to re-boot by doing a diet change.  More on this later:)

Thanks for reading!

Information Overload!

With one child napping and the other playing, I finally have a little time to sit down and blog about my Dr’s appointment that I had recently.

In my last post I shared that I had finally made an appointment with the thyroid specialist.  Finally.  I decided to go a cheaper route and see one of the two nurse practitioners that work alongside Dr. Rollins (there was about a $400 difference).  The nurse’s only work two days a week from 9-12 in the morning so I had to wait about three weeks to get in.

It was worth the wait.

My first visit was scheduled for a half hour where I met  with the nurse and she went over my health questionnaire I had to fill out before making the appointment.

She made some great assessments and gave me a lot of info that she briefly went over and then told me to go home and get on the computer to do lots of research.

She gave me a timeline and a few of the things that could possibly be going on inside my body.

Number one she wanted to get my thyroid on the right track (obviously).  She changed my prescription from a synthetic hormone that only supported the T4 hormone to a hormone found in pigs that supports both T4 and T3.

She also wanted to test me for Hoshimoto’s Hypothyroidism (this is something that they don’t normally test you for at a general practitioners office).  She thinks that since my thyroid seems to be deteriorating after time it may be this type of auto-immune disease.  Basically, my immune system might be attacking my thyroid gland.

They can determine this with a simple blood test.  They took some blood yesterday and she will have the results back next week.

Her next concern was that I may have food sensitivities that are cause the following problems:

  • Leaky Gut (this was the best link I could find that explains this condition).  A quick run down is that your intestines are porous, and when they break down (because of certain foods you eat) they start to leak food into your bloodstream.  It causes things like  headaches, brain fog, memory loss, and excessive fatigue (which have been some of the main things going on with me lately).  Also, it can show in your face and skin.  This might explain why my face looks like a pepperoni pizza lately.  I normally get a few pimples on my chin around my menstrual cycle, but lately there have been clusters of pimples all over my face.  They are painful and it takes FOREVER for them to go away.
  • Candidiasis.  This is a result of leaky gut.

And if they can’t determine it is anything that I listed above they will do a spit test to see if I have Adrenal Fatigue.  This may be something that I acquired after my last c-section (they say it is most common with people who have had recent surgeries).

I started wearing my bodybugg again and the one thing that I have noticed is that I am not burning as much calories as I use to before baby number 2.  I remember that when I use to wear it a little over a year and a half ago I use to make my calorie burn goal as long as I worked out for an hour a day (even just walking), but now I can’t get even close to what my goal is?  I don’t know if there is a problem with my BB or if it really is my body not burning as much (by like 400 calories, which to me seems to be a major discrepancy).  All the other info seems to be correct.  So frustrating.


I’m happy to start working on these issues, and I am interested to see the findings.  And of course, I will be updating my blog whenever I find out more information!

In the mean time I am trying to make good food decisions, and since its been warming up I’m excited to start getting the girls in the double stroller for walks around my town again.

Thanks for reading!