Where Was I…

In my last post I said I would be back for a weigh in and never followed up!  Shame on me for being a busy mom;)

I have been doing this crazy restricted diet since August 30.  So it has been 27 days.  I have not been perfect the entire time, but that’s ok.  I can say that maybe 3 of those days went off the rails.

The first time I had a crazy eating DAY was when my husband went to Texas for 4 days.  Having 4 days alone for a food addict is like precious bingeing time.  I did awesome for the first 3 days.  I kept thinking that it was not about losing weight, but getting rid of this awful rash (which was in remission at the time because I had been doing so well).  Then the last day I went crazy.

I had waffles for breakfast (with syrup which is a HUGE no no.  Then I took the girls to Costco and had not one, but two pieces of pizza (gasp).  And then waffles again for dinner.  It was a bad day.  And even worse, my rash came back full force and it took me about a week to get rid of it!

Then I tried doing a cheat meal with a dessert twice (once a week) and my body is responding to that much better (in other words no rash and getting right back on track the next day).

One thing I have realized is that this problem is not going to go away in a month or two.  I am committing myself to eating this way 90% of the time for the next year.  I have made a list of exceptions:

  • One dessert and off meal a week
  • Eat what I want on Holidays.  In other words, on Halloween I can have a few pieces of Candy, not the entire month of October like I normally do.  And it will count as my one dessert a week.  This way I don’t feel deprived and it gives me something to look forward to.

I can keep to these two rules as long as my body is staying happy, i.e., there is no rash.

I can’t live this diet 100% all the time.  I will fail, and I will spiral.  So far it has been going great!

So here is the weigh in for the past 27 days.  (BTW, before I started this diet in August I went crazy and ate all the foods I knew I would have to say goodbye to for a while so my start weight was high).

Starting weight before Candida Diet: 288.5 lbs.
Today’s weight after 27 days: 271.9 lbs.
Total Loss: -16.6 lbs.

Not bad, right?!

For right now if I continue to eat the way I am eating (meat and veggies, plus one cheat meal a week) I will lose about 2 pounds a week which is fine by me:)

Plus I am still breast-feeding so that is helping out a bit too.  Although, I’m pretty sure I won’t make past 6 months because my milk dropped about 10 oz a day and my babe is eating everything I pump.  Luckily, I have quite a bit of frozen breast milk, and I will eventually start supplementing with formula.  I admit that I get a bit of mommy guilt from quitting so soon, but I have to make my body healthy again and it may come at the cost of my milk supply.  I’m sure Clara would rather have a healthy mom:)

<3 Carrie

Cutting Off the Sugar Monster (or Being Forced to Because of Health Reasons)


Hey all!  It’s been a week over here.  Baby girl #3 has been on the rampage with immunization fevers, ear infection, and all around crankiness.  But she seems to have quieted down today (!) and I think it’s because of the changes that I have had to make this past week.

This post talks about some graphic health issues that I have been having.  Proceed with caution or come back another day:)

It started a little over a year ago with a bladder infection.  I hadn’t had one since I was little and I thought that I would get an antibiotic and I would be done with it.  Well, for any women who has had a bladder infection you know that you will most likely get a yeast infection from the antibiotics and then you treat that with some over-the-counter medicine and go on your merry way.  I had to take the hard way.

I treated it, and it went away.  Then in August I found out I was pregnant with baby girl #3 (yay!).  This pregnancy was awful.  I tried really hard to keep walking everyday to stay in shape and I did well for a while.  Then I started to get, what I thought was chaffing on my upper inner thigh and under my belly.  I put some gold bond medicated powder on the area’s to see if it would help and OH MY.  It burned and got a helluva lot worse.  I continued trying to walk, but the area got worse and eventually started to bleed whenever I would walk for long periods of time.  It was excruciating.

I talked to my midwife to see if she knew what it was and she said she thought it was Candida (Overgrowth of Yeast).  We treated it with a 24 hour pill, twice.  It went away… for about two weeks.  We treated it again.  It went away… for about two weeks.

At this point we were just chalking it up to pregnancy hormones and hoping that after I delivered it would go away.  I couldn’t get that baby out of me fast enough.

So I had Clara at the end of April and it went away (yay, again!).  And I thought that was that.  See ya horrible bleeding itching rash.

Apparently the rash missed me so much that it came back with a vengeance about a month ago.  Last week I went to see my Thyroid specialist to make sure all of my levels are in line after the pregnancy.  I told the doc about my rash and gave her the back ground.  She told me it was an overgrowth of Candida and that if I have already tried medications and it still comes back then I would have to make a drastic change to my diet (wah.).

I don’t want to go into all the ins and outs of Candida. For an excellent background of Candida you can check out this great blog article here:)

The one thing I can tell you is that I have to completely over haul my diet.  As in no:

  • Sugar or sugar converting foods (such as an abundance of rice or anything that turns into sugar if it is not burned off).
  • Artificial sweeteners.
  • Fruit (this one is so hard!).
  • Dairy.  Because dairy is a form of mold and can feed the yeast.
  • Anything that has yeast in it.
  • Anything that has vinegar in it, such as pickles or green olives (two of some of my favorite things)
  • Peanut butter.  This one is so hard, I eat peanut butter multiple times a day.  Peanuts feed yeast because they have high mold content.

What does this leave me to eat?

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Gluten-free Oatmeal

I started this past Sunday and it has actually not been that bad.  It helps that I have lost some weight too (I’m sure for right now it is water weight and inflammation, but I’ll take it). The hardest part has been that I haven’t been able to eat any fruit.

One huge plus is that the baby has been acting awesome all day today.  I think she was going through sugar withdrawals up until today.

The bad part about this is that I don’t know how long I have to do it for.  I have to manage it by my symptoms.  I have been keeping a food journal, so that I know what things I eat affect me, but not much is going on right now since I’m eating very few food groups.  They say it could take anywhere from 3 months to a year to really get the Candida under control.

The good thing is that I can start adding in small amounts of fruit in about 3 weeks and then go by my symptoms.  I also could be allergic to yeast all together.  After 10 days I can eat something that has yeast in it and if I start having crazy symptoms then I am allergic.

Anywho, that’s what’s going on in my world!  I’ll be back on Monday with an impressive weight loss:)

<3 Carrie

Monday, Monday. So Good to Me

Name that song.  My mom made me listen to oldies growing up.

I had another great week!  Honestly, when I got on the scale I thought it was going to read the same number as last week.  But it just goes to show that when you make small changes good things will happen over time:)

Some success’ from this past week:

  • Worked out 5 times!  It would have been six, but Hanna started doing Gymnastics on Saturday mornings and it threw me off.  This week I will plan better.  I’m finding that I will eventually need to wake up at 6am a couple of mornings a week to accommodate me and the kids schedule’s.
  • Drank a gallon of water every day.  I’m actually really good at drinking water.  It has been a habit that has stuck with me since I got off of the sauce (Diet Coke) about 13 years ago.
  • I didn’t step on the scale the entire week.  I know that there are some people who do really well with weighing in everyday, but I am not one of them.  I want to see a loss everyday, and that is just not possible when you are losing weight as slowly as I am.  With the weight fluctuating daily it makes me insane and then I eventually binge.
  • I had no ice cream.  I know this seems small, but since this last pregnancy I have had ice cream at least once or twice (or more!) a week.
  • I replaced one meal a day with a green protein smoothie.  This helped me to keep my calories in check by having a very low-cal meal every morning to start my day.
  • I got my 10,000 steps in EVERYDAY. Movement is one of my big challenges.  Even when I workout I tend to park my butt on the couch for the rest of the day.  On Sunday I forgot to put my Fitbit on before I went to church so I was at about 200 steps by the time 1:30 rolled around.  I spent the rest of the day trying to get in all of my steps (that meant walking around my living room while watching Supernatural) and finally got them all in by 9:30.  I felt so much better.

So how did it show on the scale?

Starting weight 8/10/15:  288.5 lbs
Last week’s weight:  285.3 lbs
This weeks weight:  284 lbs
Total week’s loss: -1.3 lbs
Total overall loss:- 4.5 lbs

See?  Not bad.

Another plus to this week?  The hub’s is down 6 lbs as well:)

This Week’s Goals:

  • Continue writing all food down in my food journal
  • Meal Plan (already done, woot! woot!)
  • Workout 6 times
  • Drink one gallon of water a day
  • Keep eating to three meal a day plus one snack

Here’s to another great week!

<3 Carrie

Weekly Goals & A Weigh In

Hey hey hey!  How is your week going?  Mine went pretty good:)  I didn’t stick to as strict of a diet as I was going for, but after a couple of really rough days with sleep and feeling pretty crappy I decided to give myself some slack in the food dept.  I made it a goal to just stay away from sugar and write all of my food down in my food journal.  In the end I would say it was a successful week!

Guess what?!  It’s weigh in day!

I hate having to post my weight.  “Why is that Carrie?”.  Thank you so much for asking.

It is embarrassing.  It is my highest (post pregnancy), and it is daunting.  I am planning on breast-feeding my newest babe till she is one and a huge dip in my calories means a huge dip in my milk supply.  I would really love to not have to buy any formula with this baby (holy expensive!).  It seems that if I go below 2300 calories a day my supply suffers.  This is a very doable calorie range, but it also means that the weight loss will be slow.

I can deal with it, but here’s the thing.  My hubs is a motivated little bunny lately.  He’s been going to the gym for the past two months and he just started a boxing class two days a week.  He only has about 30 pounds to lose and I already see a difference.  It is great!  I am so happy that he has decided to get healthy, it makes my heart happy.  But I totally get in the comparison trap.  He sees results much quicker than I do and it can get frustrating.  For right now I am trying to not get resentful and continue being stoked for all the wonderful changes he is making. I have some wonderful changes that are happening too and I can’t let those success’ go unnoticed.

So how did last week go? I worked out 5 times and did my Beach Body Cize program.  It was really fun and I am definitely getting better.  I started a 100 a day push-up challenge with MamaBear Fitness.  I use my stability ball for good form and do 10 sets of 10 with 30 seconds of rest in between each set.

I’ve also been writing all of my food down in my food planner.

Here is how it panned out on the scale:

Starting weight (8/10/15): 288.5 lbs.
Today’s weight (8/17/15):  285.3 lbs.
Total loss: -3.2 lbs.

I also had Dustin take some before photo’s of me and I will take some after when I finish the Cize workout program in about 6 weeks.

Goals for the Week

  • Workout 6 days this week (already done for today, woot! woot!). And complete 100 push-ups a day for the challenge.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water a day
  • Write all of my food down in my food planner
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night (sometimes I have no control over this because of baby)
  • Hit my 10,000 step count goal everyday this week

Hope you are all having a great week so far!

<3 Carrie

Sleep Deprived

Guys.  Last night was a long one.  Clara was up at midnight, 3:30 (and then I have to go pump for 20 minutes), 4:45, 6, and 6:45.  After the last crying jag at 6:45 I played dead until Dustin figured out that I was NOT leaving that bed so he got up with her.

I had planned on getting at least one glorious hour of sleep, but I was restless and a little nauseated.

I mentioned yesterday that I started a new way of eating for 30 days.  Monday was day 1.  Ever since I had Clara I’ve been a sugar monster.  I have been basically eating what I want when I want. Breast feeding helps out with not gaining a crazy amount of weight, but not sleeping at night creates cravings like nobody’s business.  I’ve been trying to make the sugar bugs go away and so I cut out sugar, bread, and grains for the next 30 days.  I’ve been eating mainly vegetables, fruits, and meat.

But I’m in the detoxing phase right now and for the last 24 hours I’ve had an intense headache.  I know that it will take a few days to feel normal again, but after waking up so many times last night and having a headache I dipped into my leftover Percocet stash I had from my c-section.  I ate a banana before I took it, but when I got out of bed I was dizzy and nauseated.

I’m kind of wondering if, since Clara drinks breast milk, she is maybe going through a detox of her own?  She eats the same things I do and if I was a baby feeling the way I’m feeling right now, I would wake up a ton and feel miserable too.

She is also teething.  I see two little teeth buds on her bottom middle gums.

Can I catch a break?!

When I woke up I immediately made myself 3 scrambled eggs, and had another banana with some peanut butter on it.  I waited an hour, still felt awful, and so I broke down and had two pieces of toast with some butter.  I started feeling better after that.

Super frustrating.  Especially since I am trying to steer clear of gluten (this has to do with my thyroid, and I will write-up a separate post of why it is important to stay away from gluten when you have an autoimmune disease).

The thing is…. life will always get in the way of your goals.  Making changes that need to be made is tough and it is always harder after you make the decision to just start.  I can let no sleep ruin my day.  I can also go back to sugar to get rid of the headaches.  But really those things make life even harder in the grand scheme of things.

So today I focus on taking it a little at a time.  I may not do much.  I may take a nap when my kids are sleeping (who am I kidding, that will totally happen).  But I know that I will track my food and stay on track for the rest of the day.  After a while these days will be more predictable and I will figure out how to make it work (and hopefully this kid will figure out how to sleep again).


That’s right baby girl.  Sleep it off.

<3 Carrie

Twenty-Six Dollars Later…

Holy cow guys?!  Is anybody even out there still?

<insert cricket noise>

I’ve been getting this super annoying email every few days or so letting me know that my domain name was going to expire and that I needed to cough up $26 to keep the blog going.  I went back and forth because it has been so long since I’ve written anything worth while (having 3 kids in 4 years will do that to you).

But guess what?!

I’m done having kids! (cue ecstatic smily emoji here, and also tear emoji).

It is so hard to find motivation when you are still in birthing children mode.  Knowing that you’re just going to gain back that 40 pounds you just lost is so uninspiring.

But I’ve had a little more inspiration since I popped out baby number 3 in April.  I’ve lost most of whatever I gained with the pregnancy, but that still leaves quite a few pounds to go.  Let’s just say I still have a long road ahead of me.

I still can’t believe how little they are in the beginning.  So worth it.  Hands down, best reason for gaining weight.

Anyway.  Life’s starting to get back to normal (or our new normal) now that Clara is almost 4 months old.  I keep waiting for things to “calm down” and then I’ll start doing something about losing weight, but I don’t see an end in sight for being busy so I am trying to just make it work in my daily life.

I don’t want to overload this first post since so many things have been going on in the last two years since I’ve been regularly blogging.  I’ll just say that I started a 30 day self-inflicted challenge yesterday.

I started exercising again, and I am doing the program “CIZE” from Beachbody.  The last couple of days have kicked my butt, but I’m feeling good.  I have also started a new eating program that resembles the Paleo diet.  I will write a more in-depth post on more details soon.

I can’t say there will be a post everyday, but I am making it goal for at least once a week.  Having 3 kids is no joke and I am amazed at how much busier I am going from 2 kids to 3.  It is tough, but something that can make it easier is getting off some of this pesky extra fluff.

Super excited to be back (even if nobody reads, this is more for me)!

<3 Carrie

The Homemade Ranch That Changed My Life

I am thoroughly convinced that the only reason I love and eat vegetables as an adult is because I drenched them with salad dressing when I was a kid (that, and my dad would melt Velveeta cheese on broccoli for Sunday dinner causing it to be my favorite vegetable).

One of the healthy habits that I have stuck with this year (besides drinking a crap-ton of water) is making my own salad dressing.  Back in March when I did The Whole30 it was impossible to find a bottle dressing that met the guidelines of this program.  There was always soy ingredients.  In everything.  So frustrating!

I went online and found a ton of different dressing recipes and found that I had most of the ingredients on hand already.  It became fun finding different tastes to go with different vegetables.  It was also one more way to live an unprocessed life (homemade is better on so many levels).

There are three things that are never store-bought at our house anymore:
1. Bread (I can post my recipe for this as well if anyone wants it)

2. Soup

3. Salad dressing

The discovery of this Ranch recipe was a happy accident.  We were having the missionaries over for Sunday dinner and I was going to make Ranch from a packet, and realized I forgot to buy a packet at the store.  So I turned to my pantry and my fridge to see what I had to work with.

I didn’t really know what went into a packet, but I knew that there was lots of green stuff, salt, garlic and mayo.  What I had come up with changed me and my children’s life (dramatic much?).  Disclaimer:  This is not defined as a “healthy dressing”.  I do use this delicious dip to get my 3 year old to eat vegetables (which she wouldn’t touch until I added a little of this dressing).  Lastly, I am all about using full fat options (foods that are fat free are WAY MORE PROCESSED, and have way more junk in them.  I would rather eat a little with some fat than be able to eat a lot with no fat.

Homemade Ranch Dressing (yields 2 cups)

1 cup Mayo
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (I prefer Fage or Chobani)
1/4 cup Flat Leaf Parsley (I use litehouse freeze dried herbs)
2 Tablespoons Chives
1 Teaspoon Dill
1/4 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 Teaspoon Sea Salt
Milk for desired consistency

Put all of the ingredients in a bowl (besides the milk) and mix.  Add milk until you have the desired consistency.  Refrigerate.

When you go to test this dressing put it on a vegetable to taste!  It makes a difference rather than just using your finger ;)

IMG_0937Let me know if you try it out!